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This class is for dogs that love to tug, fetch, chase and grab toys!



Agility Training Time

Monday 1 Night Special Agility Class

Ann Savage has been teaching agility and obedience classes in the Twin Cities area since 2009. She has been involved with dogs throughout the years in a variety of ways. Ann's obedience training has been with people who emphasize positive training methods. She really enjoys teaching and feels it is fun and rewarding to see people develop great team work with their dogs, whether it is for a show career or for a well-rounded family pet. Currently she is training and competing with 3 dogs in agility and obedience.

Ann really enjoys both of these dog sports and believes they complement each other. Ann has been helped along the way by many people, but she has gotten a lot of her foundation training in agility with Anne Braue, who is a USA agility world team member. Ann has trained with the German clinician, Silas Boogk, when he has presented seminars in the states. She has learned from Silas that there are many ways to handle a course!

"I really enjoy the challenge of obedience training and competition while at the same time keeping it fun."