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6 Weeks, Wednesday 
Dec. 4th - Jan. 22nd 
(skip 12/25 & 1/1)


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CPE Agility & Canine Scent Sport


UKI Agility

Jen Johnston

Jen started training German Shepherds in 2007. Raven, her second German Shepherd, started to compete in agility in 2011. Raven got her hooked on competing in multiple canine sports and they earned multiple agility titles competing in AKC, CPE and ASCA. In 2014, Jen started training in K9 nosework.

Floki, a mini longhair Dachshund, is Jen’s current teammate. She is a versatile Dachshund that competes and trains in obedience, rally, K9 nosework, agility, barn hunt, earthdog, lure coursing. Floki is also a registered therapy dog that is apart of the Animal Ambassador program at the Minneapolis Airport.

Jens newest teammate, Kane, a Belgian Malinios, is currently training in obedience, agility and K9 nosework.

As well, Jen is a foster for Saving Shepherds of MN and has had multiple fosters.