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I started training my first agility dog, a rescue Aussie named Buster, in 2002 and began competing with him in 2004.  Buster is a very sweet and sensitive dog and loves agility training.  Competitions were a little overwhelming for him but through patience and positive training he was able to have fun.  Retired now, Buster earned many agility titles including his MX (Master Agility title), MXJ (Master Agility Jumper title), EAC (Elite Standard) and EJC (Elite Jumpers) as well as several titles in CPE and ASCA.

My current competition dog is 6 year old Joey (Border Collie pictured with me, photo courtesy of Kelly McFaul-Solem).  Joey started agility training as a puppy and quickly caught on to how much fun agility is!  He received his NADAC NATCH in 2007 and is currently competing in Excellent for AKC, Advanced/Masters for USDAA and Level 5 in CPE.  Also in training is Joey’s littermate Party who came to live with us when she was 4.5 years old.  She has just started her competition career and is doing very well.

While I actively compete in several agility venues, the time I spend training my dogs is my favorite part of agility.  I enjoy seeing them figure things out and I can see that they love the game of agility as much if not more than me!